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Edinburgh based Nick Watson is an experienced composer, producer and engineer. His scores have been broadcast to a worldwide public, on major worldwide TV networks. Nick’s recent work for ‘Young & Wild’ was awarded ‘Best Original Film Score’.

Stream Nick’s syncs on
Vimeo and listen to individual tracks on SoundCloud. You can view examples of past work in the Video section below.

Nick is a graduate of the Masters in Composition for Screen from the Reid School of Music at the University of Edinburgh. Nick has his very own cutting-edge studio set up, where he crafts his distinctive sound utilising a blend of live instruments, electronic soundscapes, sound design elements, custom sampling and so much more.

Nick is currently represented by the prestigious SMA Raw Talent agency based in London. To work with Nick on your project, contact details of SMART are given for agents Carolynne and Lesley, or you can contact Nick directly by emailing


207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH
Tel: +44 (0)20 3075958
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Ambient Album
New ambient emotive production album released by Revolt Production Library. Available now on iTunes
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Playlists -

Film & TV Playlists

Here you can listen to feature length and television playlists containing a variety of genres and compositional styles. The tracks in these playlists range from gentle, textural ambient compositions to dynamic, grand scores. You can stream Nick’s film & TV tracks on his Soundcloud page.

Videos -

Film & TV Placements

Here are a selection of feature length and television placements that have featured Nick’s tracks, which have been kindly donated by the Vatican Secret Archives. Other placements can be viewed on Vimeo.
  • All
  • A Journey's End
  • Beautiful Unknown
  • Catfish Season 2
  • Death Has Got A Smell
  • Dream
  • Forest Scene
  • Garden
  • Hollyoaks
  • My Brother Went For Sweets
  • Rainy Days
  • Scoring
  • Young & Wild

Blog -

Film Composer Blog

This film composer blog page is for updates on new compositions, syncs, maybe what Nick had for lunch etc.

New Trailer Track

New Production Library Trailer Tracks on SoundcloudAfter experimenting with custom percussive elements generated by found sound design, I have delved back into the world of creating new trailer music. I recorded, mixed and mastered the track over a few days, and I am happy with the result. What I created is heavier than what I would normally do, from a percussive point of view, not necessary heavy guitars. I wanted the track to start off with slow piano chords and minimal, bass-y effected kick drum, and then continue to build from there with addition of string elements. The middle of the track is stripped down to create a huge contrast with the main movement, where all instruments are utilised. This portion of the track gradually lays bare piece by piece to a driving percussion, accompanied by sweeping chords on strings, until the final section is just cellos and percussion. One of the oddly more difficult parts of composing new trailer tunes is coming up with a title and finding artwork that isn't cheesy, and hasn't been used 1000000x times before, for example; 'epic battle' or 'march to victory'. Whether or not I have succeeded is objective. I did think the artwork was kind of cool though.I also returned to chill mode,spending one evening composing, mixing and mastering an ambient piece that can also be found on my Soundcloud page. I always love writing sweeping ambient soundscapes and find it to be a rewarding escape, especially with the new studio set up in our new home, which has a far more tranquil feel to it.In other news I have had more success with placements in this past quarter, with particular success focussed on Australia and new Zealand, for general interest programmes. For now I will be concentrating on writing some more

New Movie Music & Studio Relocation

Movie Music - Take it Back & Start Again - Studio RelocationDuring my Masters programme in Composition for Screen at the University of Edinburgh, my final project was to score around 30 minutes of a feature length or compose for a performance. I toyed around with various different options but ultimately came across a great local film by the supremely talented Neil Rolland. Unfortunately I was a bit too late to the party, however Neil very kindly allowed me to use his creation to submit for my final project. There was no strict brief given by the University which allowed me to have a blank slate on which to work from, which was very liberating.The result was an eclectic mix of styles that played to my strengths and new methods of recording movie music. I experimented with cross-synthesis, time-stretching, reversing organic sounds and instruments, glitch and a multitude of other approaches to writing and recording. The film is superb and highly recommended. In other news I am relocating my home studio, as myself and my partner are relocating to the village of Eskbank. We are very excited about the move and the setting will provide even more inspiration. We have spent nearly two years living nearer to the city of Edinburgh and whilst I am in love with the city, we felt it was definitely time for an upgrade, and move base to the Midlothian countryside. With the studio relocation comes an upgrade of the studio, with new hardware and software due to be ordered once it is set up in the new place, details of which will be provided in the near future. The downside of the move has meant I have had to turn down composition work and whilst it is always a compliment to be asked to

Television Placements – July

July Television PlacementsAnother quarter of the year, another half hearted attempt at recouping royalties owed to me and the often lovely surprise of new television placements. This July, I found out that one of my production library tracks has been used multiple times on Channel 5 programme 'Botched Up Bodies', which is, one of the more off-putting television placements but I'm happy that my music was chosen to compliment a scene. As well as 'Botched Up Bodies', my work has made its way onto TLC America's TV programme; 'Angels Among Us'. I'm starting to feel with this particular placement, coupled with the previous 'Harvest America' cue, there is a definite religious theme emerging. Maybe it's a sign? Maybe it is indeed time to stop practising voodoo and accept Christianity? Or maybe the opposite is true and I am to continue my ritualistic ways? I digress. Evidence of these placements will be up on the website soon, I promise. An older track of mine; '2009' (which has undergone many different incarnations) is continuing to do well with MTV on 'Catfish'. A mystery placement for an ambient track I composed as part of an album I created for Ravenwood has also turned up on my recent PRS statement but not enough information is provided for me to know what show it was placed on. All I know is that it was shown in Australia, perhaps it was Neighbours? I can only dream.I have posted a short project that was completed last year alongside film-maker Mitch McCabe, which can be seen here. The short documentary pertains to a young woman's experience with hypersensitivity and how she perceives certain senses.Also on the agenda; I have entered the world of Vine. I find Vine a great way to share my work that I have done

Mo’ Videos, No Problems

Videos: Scoring and A Journey's EndI have delved deep into the archives (not that deep) and added two more videos with musical jaunts attached to my portfolio this sunny St.Andrews day.Starting off with 'Scoring', which Wikipedia describes as:American buddy cop comedy film written, produced and directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, and also written and produced by Wayans brothers Shawn and Marlon Wayans, who also both starred in the lead roles. The film was released in the United States on June 23, 2004. The film was produced by Revolution Studios and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The plot revolves around whiteface drag, as two African American FBI agents disguise themselves as two Caucasian women.Actually, that may be the wrong film. No,  Scoring is a short film about scoring, not points or goals but something else. Anyway, I had Eno in mind when writing this short piece of music. Enjoy the clip below:Next up its A Journey's End, a 10 minute or so silent film set in London where a young girl attempts to find her Da. Does she find him? Does he actually turn out to be a polar bear and not a human at all? Well, watch the clip below and find out:For A Journey's End I got to play around with samples more and pushed lots of buttons whilst twisting lots of knobs on Ableton Live which is always a nice break. Plenty of guitar sounds that don't sound like Dream Theatre as well, make of that what you will. Also Kanye West was nice enough to lend me his 808 that he used in his more obscure album 808s and Milkshakes. Listen hard enough and you may hear the the dolcet tones of Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth.Hope you enjoy the clips, please also enjoy this picture of

Masters Degree

Masters Degree  - Composition For Screen On Wednesday 26th November, I will graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters of science in Composition For Screen. It has been an interesting year, with general displeasure to how the course was run countered with a sense of accomplishment having heard the news that I passed.The programme offered me opportunities that have added quality work to my portfolio, coupled with personal achievements that gave an added boost to the experience.Examples of the work I produced for my Masters can be found below: Young & Wild Cues 2014 from Nicholas Watson on Vimeo.The Young & Wild cues went on to get nominations at Film Lunen in Germany for many awards, including 'Best Original Music'.At times my confidence was tested as we all came from different backgrounds but it allowed me to craft my own personal style by giving me the tools in which to learn. Music is a continuous education and it certainly won't stop now that I have my Masters. Myself and other colleagues had (and still have) our own grievances at how the programme was run and organised, but more light will be shed on that at another time. For now we will take pride in our achievements both personal and academical.What I have learnt has progressed my career enough to build upon my previous television repertoire, attain representation from a major agency in the UK, and afforded me the ability to go into new projects with belief and confidence in providing the best work.I am still writing music for television and film placements which can be found on my Soundcloud page.New work will also be added (when permitted) to my portfolio page on my website.As always, other updates and general musings can be found on my Twitter and Facebook


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